This story is fiction, and any events or near-similar events in actual life which did transpire have not prejudiced the author toward any figures involved or uninvolved; in other words, the mind, the imagination, the creative facilities have been allowed to run freely, and that means invention, of which said is drawn and caused by living one year short of half a century with the human race . . . and is not narrowed down to any specific case, cases, newspaper stories, and was not written to harm, infer or do injustice to any of my fellow creatures involved in circumstances similar to the story to follow.

(Charles Bukowski, "The Murder Of Ramon Vasquez")

sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

Eu me reservo o direito de poetizar de forma louca

Eu me reservo o direito de poetizar de forma louca
às favas com a coerência
e o espaço-tempo rigoroso

me reservo o direito de dizer sandices
de abluções em fogo
e cuspidelas de meteoros

sorver a via láctea num trago longo
picotar a realidade em pedacinhos
como Shiva bêbado

e o vomitar de estrelas na divinal ressaca

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